The Hermit Shrimp


Let's Make Everything Even Worse!

Just fun musings about shit.

I had an unfun thought of how they could basically mandate vaccines without ever mandating them just by using the two most corruption-riddled industries in USA. Health and Life Insurance. Would be pretty damn easy too. I'm sure I'm making plenty of logical fallacies, but hey, why not just strap in for Mr.s Bones' Wild Ride on a Friday night.

So let's start with Health Insurance. This one is pretty cut and dry. Most Health Insurance in this country is little more than welfare queens getting gibs from the states then churning around and getting more gibs from the customers then spending all of that to not have to pay out any claims. A fun little racket. So federally, the government really can only do so much to hurt them, however, the federal government can threathen to cut off the gibs to the states unless they make their state's health insurance companies start requiring vaccinations. (Note: most states do not allow buying health insurance across state lines.) A handful of states might stand their ground but most would eventually give in. They are all welfare queens as well. So they'll turn around and require it of the health insurance companies who will do basically anything to keep the gravy train rolling. There's two ways of attack for them here.

The first way is to require comapnies to prove 100% vaccinations or they will jack their rates. If all the insurance companies do this in lock step, the business will have little choice but to bend the knee considering health insurance is already a brutal saddle to bear. So from here, you'll get some BS reasoning and some vaccination mandate from businesses to their employees.

The other attack is pretty easy. For individual insurance, it's already absolutely ridiculous how high fees can be for even the worst insurances. Here all they have to do is start jacking up rates until people have nowhere to go. Sure some people will just go without insurance as many do now, but that's okay. They're poor. They don't matter anyway.

Now let's look at the Life Insurance angle. Once Health Insurance has got their games implemented, Life Insurance companies (who are wormy in their own ways) can just say, "going without a vaccination without a legitimate reason (which currently none are acceptable) is akin to attempting suicide and any death that can be attributed to Covid in any way will be ruled a suicide and there will be no payout." Those without families or who are young will just roll their eyes, but this is devastating for anyone older or with a family. This would basically mean you are paying for nothing (which you are more or less already) due to the fact that your death will probably be ruled a suicide (and they will go to any extent to prove it).

But that's a pretty flimsy stance to make and could probably be turned over in any legitimate court so you have to add some validity to this statement. Have a useful victim die of Covid and then have their family sue the company to enter the legal system. Also make sure this is in a particularly liberal circuit court (9th would be preferable). Have a nice well-paid lawyer there to lead the case. You can also set up a gofundme for the family so you can suck some money off the last horrible anti-vaxxers while you're at it. Now have him bungle it a little. Not much yet! Just enough to lose over and over again. Keep appealing it. Don't forget a nice dosage of media news so that the tv watching cattle can watch the hopelessness unfold. Go all the way up to the curcuit. Now this is where you crush everything. Bring in the shit witness. Bring in the evidence made of swiss cheese. It's a kangaroo court we're running here so they whippings need to be obvious. Once this falls flat on it's face, it's time for the two to the head. Appeal to the Supreme Court and have some useful stooge such as Amy Coney Barret just dismiss it saying there's not nearly enough evidence to even take it. Now every single judge in the country will lock-step this decision for fear of messing up their future career prospects because most of them are only there for the power-boner anyway.

So that's that. If any do resist, they'll have no safety nets for their life and well-being anymore so they'll be dead soon enough anyway.